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September 26-27, 2014
Fitness Revolution
Elite Fitness and Performance Summit
Louisville, KY
October 23-24, 2014
Club Industry
Booth #238
Chicago, IL
November 4-6, 2014
Obesity Week
Booth #832
Boston, MA
4-Hour Body
Want to transform your
body and learn more about
BodyMetrix? Check out
Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Body!

The BodyMetrix System uses ultrasound to accurately measure fat thickness and calculate Body Fat % and weight distribution.

Below is an example when using a 3 site Formula. The BodyMetrix System offers formulas that use as few as 1 site or as many as 9 sites to calculate accurate Body Fat %.

However, being an ultrasound device the BodyMetrix system can do so much more !!!

For example scanning with the BodyMetrix allows you to directly see fat and muscle layers as shown below

To find out more about our Professional and Personal BodyMetrix Systems click below:

BodyMetrix Professional BodyMetrix Personal
Fitness Centers, Medical Practitioners, Personal Trainers, Sports Teams, Universities & Schools Individuals & Families
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